Sunday, 29 May 2011

First RCW skirmish

We have played our first Back of Beyond skirmish. It was a very small battle with some tsarist infantry trying to dislodge a red force half its size from a small village it had fortified.
The battle did show us the advantage of being in defense in the period of machine guns and bolt rifles.

The whites had their chance still. Having more than twice the number of figures, they almost overwhelmed the bolshevik defenses, their high point being when a lucky grenade destroyed a machinegun nest and its crew, leaving a part of the perimeter defenseless for a time.
But that was not enough, and white squads were broken one after another when trying to cross the empty space riddled with bullets.

Showdown rules worked well and everyone was satisfied with the game. The rules were understandable enough and there was no problem using them. Though the concept of Shaken was not immediately clear.
A showdown battle seems to be finished in a few turns. That means that even if movement rates are quite high, I should have let the battle begin with the ennemies in closer proximity.

We did use the first BoB figures I did make for the game. I hurried too much for the game and I am not too happy about the result. The figures were usable but had not much flavour to them (the basmachi I did earlier for the campaign was much better). I hope to do better when I'll have to draw more interesting or exotic personnalities.


  1. Wow wow Wow

    At the end I have met you Gwindel. And now youa re not going to escape, :P

    I have bouilt an army using your ACW miniatures, they are great!

    You can see some photos here:

    But I need more paper miniatures, your drawing style is very atttractive, and I am looking for more miniatures from you, where could I get them?
    For example, those miniature that are on the photo of the top?

    Thanks for your good work!

  2. Same here, It would be an excellent idea to post a printable version of your newer figures on the internet, at least for the RCW.

  3. First, sorry for the late reply. I am not yet accustomed to check if there are comments on the blog...

    I have not much new figures to post, as I make them when I need them mostly and I also use figures from other peoples.
    But I'll try to post shortly the RCW ones, though as I said they did not turn out as I wanted.

  4. Thanks for your answer.

    All your figures will be wellcome, they are great