Saturday, 12 March 2011

Swashbuckler tokens

We have finished our first Flashing Blades adventure yesterday. It was very fun and really satisfying. The characters, though caught between two opposing factions, were able to steal the documents they had been sent to find.
The main action scene was to enter a monastery (full of fanatical ultamontains monks) and burglarise it. I had imagined something like a careful and silent job, but they did raise a real pandemonium with the help of the nearby villagers and took advantage of the chaos to take the documents.
The adventure had chases, swordfights, assasination attempts and even seduction scenes.
One character died (Furcifer, a rogue of low extraction who gave his life to prevent a spadassin to warn the characters ennemies..) and some other were wounded, giving an atmosphere of real danger to the game.

If you use a virtual tabletop application for you games, you can find the tokens I used here.
And if you play Savage Worlds, they could be useful for Solomon Kane or Pirates of the Spanish Main campaigns.


  1. Very nice token set. Good to see another blog about MapTool and Savage Worlds.

  2. Thanks. I think that they work very well together.

  3. Fantastic!!

    Do you have other tokens planned?

  4. Yes, I am working on some fantasy tokens, but this time with associated portraits and a few small maps.

  5. Still waiting for those fantasy tokens :)

  6. Well, I have changed (a little) my objective. I would like to make a compleat pack (tokens, portraits, maps, maybe a scenario or at least some adventures hooks). Maybe it is too ambitious. If I can assemble all those things, I'll release them together. If not, I'll simply make available what is finished.