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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Moleskine, Spies & Private Eyes (fillable pdf forms)

I have been using a moleskine notebook to prepare my roleplaying sessions for some times now.

As I have already explained, I have made some stats blocks that I print on sticker paper to insert in the notebook (though I have also used them to stick inside a printed scenario or, printed on paper, as normal files cards).
I have already published the Savage Worlds versions in a previous post.

Now, here are two new pdf fillable forms to use in your notebooks. They are made for Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes, which means that they are also usable for Tunnels & Trolls.

Those forms were made with a scenario of a "Lost World" kind in mind, so there are two versions of the forms, one in a more fantasy style (heavily inspired by Dyson's character sheet) for the characters of the archaic world and one in a more pulpish style for the characters coming from the modern world.

Note that to be able to record a filled character sheet and add images on it, you shouldn't use Adobe Acrobat, but choose instead Foxit (for PCs) or PDFsigner (for Macs).

MSPE/T&T pdf form (archaic-english)
MSPE/T&T pdf form (pulps-english)
MSPE/T&T pdf form (archaic-french)
MSPE/T&T pdf form (pulps-french)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Don't drink the water-Part 3

And here is the third and last part of the elements needed to play "Don't drink the water" with Maptool.

You can download the maps, tokens and portraits here.

That one was a little more difficult to make because the village was more extensive than the parts needed for the first parts.
I made a few changes to the fort (not much) because I tought it made more sense tactically, and the houses are made separately, to be placed on the desert background.

From the description of the uniforms in the scenario, it seemed that the unit in the fort was the Contreguerilla from Colonel Dupin but with lances. I prefered to use line lancers (if only because I have other plans to use Dupin).

Smitework made an adaptation of the scenario to play with Fantasy Grounds. I don't know if it can use my maps or if it comes with its own, because, being on a Mac I can't use Fantasy Grounds. Anyway, if you are interested, you can find it here.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Savage Moleskine revisited

Some times ago, I explained how I was using my Moleskine notebook to prepare Savage Worlds game sessions. And I did post the index cards I am glueing in my notebook (but you can use them as normal index cards if you prefer).

But as I discovered recently the art of turning a form sheet into a fillable PDF, I have remade the index cards. You can now fill the pages on your computer, add a portrait or other images and then save or print them.

Note that to be able to record filled character sheets and add images on them, you shouldn't use Adobe Acrobat, but use instead Foxit (for PCs) or PDFsigner (for Macs).

Savage Worlds NPC moleskine sheet in english
Fiche de NPC moleskine pour Savage Worlds en français
Savage Worlds Vehicle moleskine sheet in english
Fiche de véhicule moleskine pour Savage Worlds en français.