Sunday, 25 March 2012

Moleskine, Spies & Private Eyes (fillable pdf forms)

I have been using a moleskine notebook to prepare my roleplaying sessions for some times now.

As I have already explained, I have made some stats blocks that I print on sticker paper to insert in the notebook (though I have also used them to stick inside a printed scenario or, printed on paper, as normal files cards).
I have already published the Savage Worlds versions in a previous post.

Now, here are two new pdf fillable forms to use in your notebooks. They are made for Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes, which means that they are also usable for Tunnels & Trolls.

Those forms were made with a scenario of a "Lost World" kind in mind, so there are two versions of the forms, one in a more fantasy style (heavily inspired by Dyson's character sheet) for the characters of the archaic world and one in a more pulpish style for the characters coming from the modern world.

Note that to be able to record a filled character sheet and add images on it, you shouldn't use Adobe Acrobat, but choose instead Foxit (for PCs) or PDFsigner (for Macs).

MSPE/T&T pdf form (archaic-english)
MSPE/T&T pdf form (pulps-english)
MSPE/T&T pdf form (archaic-french)
MSPE/T&T pdf form (pulps-french)

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