Friday, 2 March 2012

Savage Moleskine revisited

Some times ago, I explained how I was using my Moleskine notebook to prepare Savage Worlds game sessions. And I did post the index cards I am glueing in my notebook (but you can use them as normal index cards if you prefer).

But as I discovered recently the art of turning a form sheet into a fillable PDF, I have remade the index cards. You can now fill the pages on your computer, add a portrait or other images and then save or print them.

Note that to be able to record filled character sheets and add images on them, you shouldn't use Adobe Acrobat, but use instead Foxit (for PCs) or PDFsigner (for Macs).

Savage Worlds NPC moleskine sheet in english
Fiche de NPC moleskine pour Savage Worlds en français
Savage Worlds Vehicle moleskine sheet in english
Fiche de véhicule moleskine pour Savage Worlds en français.


  1. What size moleskine notebook do you use? Normal or Pocket?

  2. Pocket. The size is approximately 9x14 centimeters or 3.5x5.5 inches.

  3. Excellent. Definitely stealing this for my use! Love the look and feel to it - and fillable too! (P.S. in English the 'Talents' are called 'Skills' in SW).

  4. Aaaarrghh! You are right. I did not translate it.
    It has been fixed now.

  5. Great idea!

    BTW, how did you make the image editable? Doesn't work for me, somehow ...

  6. I make an image in png at the size of a page.
    I make a new document in Open Office and place that image as the background.
    Then I place, upon it, the fields that shall be editable.
    And I export as a PDF.

    Though the placing of the fields can be quite tricky (because they cover the background, which means that you must have thought about it beforehand), it is not really difficult.

  7. I absolutely love this sheet and use the heck out of it.

    That said, I noticed a few minor issues (tab order, some weird font sizing issues), so I edited your template a little. Here's a link I hope you like the changes I made :-)

  8. Thanks for the corrections. I didn't thought about tab order, it makes use easier. Good idea.