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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rangers Illustration

I have been asked to make a cover for a rpg supplement about rangers (more about that when it shall be released).

It took me more time than I thought, but I am quite happy with the result, mostly because it was my first real digital painting and I didn't knew if I was going to finish it at all.

I did use Artrage and Photoshop to work. Mostly Artrage, Photoshop was just used to tweak some layers. It was a great help that Artrage can open and save works in .psd, keeping all the layers intact for Photoshop.

I'll certainly try again.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Savage Worlds Character Generator

For those who had missed it: an online character generator, quite well done (it makes all the calculations).
I won't use it to completely make the PCs for my games (as all the skills, edges,... depending on the setting are not included), but it should enable my players to have a first draft of what they want to play before coming to the game session.
I intend to mail them something like: "Next game is a sword and sorcery scenario, prepare legendary level characters" and have them coming with half finished characters.
Have a try, rolling new characters can be quite addictive:
Savage Worlds Character Generator