Monday, 5 September 2011

Savage Worlds Character Generator

For those who had missed it: an online character generator, quite well done (it makes all the calculations).
I won't use it to completely make the PCs for my games (as all the skills, edges,... depending on the setting are not included), but it should enable my players to have a first draft of what they want to play before coming to the game session.
I intend to mail them something like: "Next game is a sword and sorcery scenario, prepare legendary level characters" and have them coming with half finished characters.
Have a try, rolling new characters can be quite addictive:
Savage Worlds Character Generator


  1. Ah, yes. Really sad, because it worked wonderfully. There is still a page at but there is no Savage Worlds page there anymore.

    If someone has any idea about the author of the character generator, maybe we could beg him to put it back?

    I suppose it was the appearance of Deluxe that made him take the page down?