Monday, 20 December 2010

Time to begin!

Now that my group has decided on a pulpish Showdown campaign, it is time for me to make some basic figures for it (that one is a basmachi warrior, but could be used for a lot of pulpish nastiness).

The campaign is to be situated in the far east, a few years after the great war. The Back of Beyond.

It should mix some military aspects (units moving around and occupying differents places) and almost-rpgs aspects (groups of adventurers searching for the Tsar's gold) and should be played with Showdown, but I don't rule out the possibility of playing some parts, particulary in the end, as rpg with Savage Worlds.

My players have never played showdown, so, last week, I did a Spartacus skirmish to show them the system. It went very well and everybody liked it. Quite encouraging.