Sunday, 26 December 2010

Flashing Blades

Whilst I intend to play Savage Worlds as soon as I'll can, for now, my group is beginning a Showdown campaign and we are in the midst of a Flashing Blades one.

Why Flashing Blades? Well, half of my players had been playing with me for some years and had fond memory of a swashbuckler's mega campaign we played some years ago.
So, when I asked the players to choose what they would like to play, they did choose a Flashing Blades campaign. I think that what convinced the younger players were the FB fencing rules which can be quite fun to play.

Anyway, our first Savage Worlds session is still some months in the future. Which suits me quite well. The players should be accustomed to Showdown by then, and I'll have had time enough to prepare what I'll need for the campaign. Moreover, I hope to have them play one SaWo one-shot in the meantime.

Here are the llustrations of my player's characters for Flashing Blades. They are now following a carriage going to Marseille, transporting mysterious peoples that could be conspirating against the King. They have witnessed some shadowy encounters (sometimes finishing in quite bloody ways) and they know that they are not alone following that carriage.... And they don't have any idea on what all this is about...
It's good to be the gamemaster.

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