Friday, 21 January 2011

Buildings from the desert fringe.

For our next wargame session, I have to finish the figures needed to play the scenario (to be short, the adventurers group from the bolchevik player are going to try to murder the commanding general of the basmachi player), the drawing part progress quite well and I hope to be able to go to the color and print process soon.

But I also have to build some eastern looking buildings, because the game is going to happen in the suburbs of an old silk road city.

Some years ago, I did buy the "Desert Village" and "Desert Fortress" available on RPGnow (they are still available), and whilst I never used them, they are still on my hard drive. So, after a few prints, I am now assembling eastern houses of every shapes and sizes. I think a dozen would be enough for the first game. Maybe, I'll add a few "western" buildings (the more generic ones: cabins, horses sheds,...) for the westernised part of town. I'll see...

My only problem, for now, is that I use a green gaming mat, which is the most"universal looking" I could imagine and which worked well for a lot of settings, but it looks more irish hills than desert border.
I don't intend to buy a desert one, but I think I'll have to adapt it, maybe with sandy patches or something like that.

I'll try to post a few pictures with the first buildings and figures when I'll have the time for a photo session.

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