Sunday, 29 January 2012

Don't drink the water-Part 1

Having some free hours this weekend, I begun photoshoping the stuff I need to play the scenario "Don't drink the water" for Savage Worlds.
To avoid spoilers, let's just say that, at the beginning of the scenario, the characters can encounter the french foreign legion.
So, you'll find here two maps, one with a trail in the desert and another with a small house used by the legionnaries as a post or bivouac.
I have also included the image I am using for desert background.
There are two tokens one of a legionnary private and one of a NCO.
And, of course, there is the wagon (with and without canvas) used by the PCs.

All the maps, tokens, etc... are made for being used in a VTT (Maptool for me) at 128 pixels/square. So if you use other sizes, you should probably rescale them.
I use 128 px/square but I generally display the map at around 60-70%; this way, I can zoom in without losing too much quality.
If you use the drawings here at under 50% (either by rescaling or zooming out) most details shall become too small and quality will suffer.

I have tried to keep a consistent comics-like look for the maps, tokens and portraits. I hope you'll like it. Anyway, here is the zipped file.

Part 2 shall be about juarists, a ruined abbey and some undeads.

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