Monday, 6 May 2019

Scenarios for MSPE - Part 01

Whilst the Kickstarter was going on, someone asked if there were some adventures available for MSPE.
Well, there are a few (have a look at the link for Danger International and Justice Inc. here under).
But mostly, I have used scenarios written for other games.
MSPE being a quite simple system, you generally just have to make some stats to replace those of the NPCs in the adventures and you are ready.

Here is a first batch of publishers of scenarios I have used, and they have much more.
I have linked to pdf products if available, for ease of access.

FGU Daredevils

Danger International & Justice Inc. (3rd Edition, but look also at 1st and 2nd for more).
Twilight 2000 whilst the setting seemed outdated a few years ago, we played some very brutal games at the time with heavy casualties. We just changed the rational for the advent of the apocalypse.
Classified I have not played them yet, but the scenarios seem interesting...
Modus Operandi site about espionnage RPGs (including MSPE); You'll find informations about Spycraft, Top Secret and Top Secret SI which have produced lots of scenarios that can still be found at reasonable prices.

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