Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A few more isometric Maptool figures

Just a few more isometric Maptool figures (uuhhh! yes, it was already in the title....).

True isometric figures

Fake isometric figures

The following figures are also fake isometrics, but they are made from my old cardboard figures illustrations. Because they were drawn at a very small scale (they were drawn directly at 30mm height), they are less detailed (and probably less well done) than the figures above. They are 200 pixels figures like the true iso figures, though it makes no difference in use, Maptool taking care of scale effect.

Isometric objects

Isometric generic tokens

Because, you are certainly going to need generic tokens to represent the NPCs for which there is no figures, here are a few pawns (with colored backs).
Adding letter states to the generic tokens:
If you need to individualize more those  tokens, here are two sets of letters (A to Z, in blue and red), that can be set as states and then, turned on or off on the tokens. You probably don't need the 52 states, but having a, b and c in those two colors can help during play.

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