Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Lichway - Le Chemin des Morts (Sample Old Style battlemap)

(my player's characters from our Nightprowler campaign lost in the ruins of the Lichway)

My players have been asking for a fantasy campaign, so I decided to dust off my Nightprowler rulebook and have a try. Nightprowler is a game about thieves and other unsavory characters, something like the Thieve's Guild game from the 80's, which had a lot of scenarios. Those TG scenarios are going to form the base of the campaign as they are going to be easy to adapt.
But for the first scenario, I wanted something simple and traditional to let the players familiarize themselves with the rules. A good dungeon would be perfect for that (or tomb looting as they were called in Thieve's Guild). I did choose The Lichway, an old scenario by Albie Fiore published in White Dwarf 9. And to represent it in Maptool, I decided that an old style presentation would be appropriate.

So, you'll find the Maptool file HERE. It contains the map and the tokens. If you don't use Maptool, you can still use the contents by changing the extension to zip and extracting it normally.
You'll find the scenario on internet. HERE and HERE (french)

At first I intended to use isometric views with tokens made from Okumarts figures (I'll make a tutorial on how to change the cardboard figures into isometric tokens), but I thought that I had hit a wall with my isometric experiments. To be able to use isometric stuff with illuminations,etc... , some programming tweaks are needed in Maptool, far beyond my capacities. So, I was going to use iso views only for special places and without the advanced features (just iso tokens on iso maps). But, maybe I am wrong as there seems to be some news about iso playing on the Maptool forum. So, wait and see (and hope).

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