Monday, 22 November 2010

First post

I suppose that for my first post on my new blog, the best thing to do is present what I intend to do with it.

My two hobbies are drawing and simulation games (wargames or RPGs). It was quite an easy step to mix those two interests.
First, by drawing illustrations for the characters, NPCs, places... that appeared in my games. Or, even drawing short comics of what seemed funny moments.
But I have also enhanced my games by drawing paper figures, or building paper scenery, for them.
Since those first games, I have discovered the use of virtual tabletop applications in my face to face RPGs, and I have been drawing tokens and maps for those games as well.

A few years ago, I did set up a yahoogroup (named Brabantini) were I tried to have people collaborate to produce free compleat games (I mean with rules, scenarios, figures, scenery all available for download).
In the end, it turned out as a paper figures discussion group, but it was a nice experience, leading me to have contacts with like minded gamers.

What I would like to do now, is more restricted. Recently, I have been willing to turn most of my skirmish wargames into Showdown scenarios and my RPG campaigns into Savage Worlds ones (I'll have to explain why in another post).
So, I would like to present here all those illustrations, tokens, figures,... I am actually working on those days. I hope it shall be of interest for some of you.

And now, the best way to finish this first post is probably to give you the link to my earlier figures. Have fun with them.