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Sunday, 4 December 2011

What comes next

I have begun to prepare the "Don't drink the water" scenario for the Deadlands Reloaded game.

As I intend to play it on Maptool (face to face, with the screen as a whiteboard and a display), I am also preparing all the stuff I'll need for the game. That means the Savage Worlds framework and the maps, the tokens and the portraits of the NPCs needed for the scenario.

For the framework, my first idea was to use the one that was made by the Savage Troll.
But as I had to translate it in french anyway, I decided to make my own.
It is a much simpler one because, as I play face to face games, there are lots of things that are better not automated (for exemple, there is no need to include cards drawing in the framework, because it is funnier to use a real deck).

The generic SW framework is finished and I'll post it here when I'll have made a few screenshots and a pdf user's guide. Of course, it shall be a post in french (no reason to describe a french framework in english).

The maps from the scenario are going to be made from elements specially created for the campaign. Maybe I'll make some parts with elements from Dungeon Demon from Rusty Axe (their license grant you the right to post maps made from their artwork).

I'll also use some generic western maps for unexpected situations, like:
The desert maps from Skeleton Keys
The western maps from D20 cartographer
Gamescape western maps

The tokens and portraits shall be my own work. The tokens are meant to work at 128 pixels/square, but you can resize them for your own settings.

So here are a few scans of my moleskine to give you an idea of what to expect. I don't know when I'll finish it though, because my group has a few wargames to play now, before we go back to roleplaying.

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